Color and contrast.
Shades of London is a book that was created by visiting the city of London. London is a diverse city that has a very strong contrast between old and modern. Shades of London consists of a collection of 23 students with different sights and journals that each student has chosen. The book is meant to show the contrast of the city of London through the touch feeling. From the outside a very elegant leather cover and gold embossing and from the inside an ugly coated paper with a very modern and simple layout. This is what London looked like to me. From the outside very elegant and classic and once you are inside you quickly realize how ugly London can be. The 23 collections of the students were ordered by the color structure of the individual images and this can also be seen on the right edge of the book. In addition, the book can also be interactive in that you can orient yourself through the four bookmarks and the index.


Markus Wicki
Patrina Strähl
Silvio Waser
Hans-Peter Küenzler
Valeria Bonin
Martin Infanger
Marco Backer


Editorial Design
Size in cm: 9.5 x 19
Client: Fachklasse Grafik Luzern
year: 2022
year of study: 3